OSM Membership


Why become a member?

A membership to OSM allows advisers and students full access to all that OSM has to offer:

  • Monthly contests: students can submit work from their school’s publication each month for critique from a media professional. Entries that receive high scores can be entered in our end-of-year statewide contests.
  • Critical service: an in-depth yearly review of your publication by a media professional
  • Contests at our Media Mondays: students and advisers can submit publications and work into statewide competitions. We have yearbook contests in the fall and newspaper/online media contests in the spring.


How do I join?

To join OSM, fill out and return the following form by mail, email or fax:

1819-Membership-Form PDF

You can send payment with the form or we will send you an invoice after we receive it.


How our pricing works:

It costs $140 for a school to register one publication with OSM. For every additional publication a school registers, it costs an additional $70.

For example, if a schools registers a yearbook, newspaper, and broadcast, the total price for 3 memberships would be $280 ($140 + $70 +$70).