Spring Media Monday

Spring Media Monday is a conference that brings journalism students from across the state to gather and attend media workshops, seminars and lectures taught by professionals and professors. Our spring conference focuses primarily on news media (newspapers, online publications, broadcasts, etc.), though we have sessions that are applicable to any school publication.

Our Spring Media Monday 2019 was a great success! Congrats to all of this year’s winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the award PowerPoint from this year below.

Please check back here at the start of the 2020 spring semester for dates and contest entry information for Spring Media Monday 2020.


The date for Spring Media Monday will be announced next year.

Registration online is free and we will send you a bill after the event for the number of students and advisers from your school who attend. Early registration is $16 per person. Late registration is $20 per person.

Critical Service, Previously Published, and On-Deadline Contests

Critical service is a holistic review of your publication by a media professional. The previously published contest judges students’ work submitted in our monthly contests that was given a “Superior” or “Excellent.” The on-deadline contest judges students’ abilities to work under deadline on a specific theme.

Schools must be paying members of OSM in order to enter contests and critical service. For the 2019-20 membership form, please visit OSM Membership. If you have not registered as a member yet, we must have your membership form to enter your school’s publication into our contests. (Not sure if you’ve registered? Email us at osm-oipa@ou.edu and we can check for you!)

Instructions for how to enter can be found in each packet along with submission deadlines. Please let us know if you have any questions about entering.

To enter your school’s publication into our critical service and other contests, please download the contest packets:

To enter the Previously Published contest, please download this excel document: SMM19 Previously Published Entries Form.

To see On-Deadline contest prompts, please download the following form:

To enter On-Deadline contests, please submit via the following links:

To nominate exemplary students and advisers for individual achievement awards, please download the following form:

If you’re interested in how our critical service judges will rate your publications, the scorebooks for each category are below:

Past Spring Media Mondays

Congratulations to all who won awards! To view the awards presentation, please check out this year’s award PowerPoint.

Every year, we recognize the work of students across the state in our awards ceremony. Please see our comprehensive list of past winners dating back to 2009 here.


Have a question about Spring Media Monday that’s not answered here? Check out our FAQ page or email us at osm-oipa@ou.edu.