Fall Media Day

Fall Media Day is a conference that allows journalism students from across the state to gather and attend media workshops, seminars and lectures taught by professionals and professors. It’s also the event where we announce winners for the annual state yearbook contest.

OSM’s Fall Media Day 2023 has been set for Nov. 2, 2023. (Normally on a Monday, this time it’s on a Thursday!) Registration is now live: register here!

See our program with list of sessions here: FMD23ScheduletoEmailFINAL

*The cost is $16 per person, but payment is not due when you register. We will bill you after the event.

Awards Presentation

See the list of winners from this year’s Fall Media Monday 2021 here!

Critical Service and Individual Category Contests for Yearbooks

Schools must be paying members of OSM in order to enter contests and critical service. For the 2022-23 membership form, please visit OSM Membership. If you have not registered as a member yet, we must have your membership form to enter your school’s yearbook into our contests.

To enter your school’s yearbook into our critical service and into individual category contests, please download the contest packets:

To apply for the 2020-2021 Adviser of the Year, please see the following form for instructions:

To see how our judges will critique your publication, download the 2021 scorebook:


Have a question about Fall Media Monday that’s not answered here? Check out our FAQ page or email us at osm-oipa@ou.edu.

Past Winners

Every year, we recognize the work of students across the state in our awards ceremony. Please see our comprehensive list of past winners dating back to 2009 here.